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Bosch in Den Bosch

In 2016, Hieronymus Bosch will be the focus of a year-long, national event. Special concerts, performances and exhibitions will be organised in various places with Den Bosch as the radiant central point.

Den Bosch: one of the oldest medieval city centres in the Netherlands

Den Bosch, officially known as ’s-Hertogenbosch, takes its name from ‘bos van de hertog’, in English, ‘the duke’s forest’. The duke of Brabant had his hunting grounds here. A settlement here grew into a thriving centre of trade and it was granted the status of city in 1185. The old Markt - ‘market’ - has always been the centre of the city. Residents on the square included Hieronymus Bosch. The city centre is the largest walled area in the Netherlands. Most of the medieval structure has been preserved and it can be recognised by the many winding streets with warehouses and merchant houses along the River Dieze. Hieronymus Bosch would still be able to find his way without effort.


Did You know?

In 1463 a major fire raged in 's-Hertogenbosch, which as a child Hieronymus Bosch probably has seen. A large part of the city went up in flames. In Bosch's work we often see town fires.


2016: national Jheronimus Bosch year

Den Bosch will be commemorating the 500th year since the death of Hieronymus Bosch, exuberantly. A cultural manifestation with the name, Jheronimus Bosch 500, will be taking place organised by the foundation of the same name. It is a unique and ambitious project, appropriate for the position of Hieronymus Bosch at the top of international painting. 2016 will be a year full of special dance, theatre and circus performances, concerts and exhibitions. The exhibition, ‘Jheronimus Bosch - Visions of genius’, in Het Noordbrabants Museum will be the highpoint. The centre of the festivities will be in Brabant, with Den Bosch, Hieronymus Bosch’s city, as a radiant middle point.
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Did You know?

Hieronymus Bosch lived and worked in Den Bosch. He was surrounded by sources of inspiration, like the work of the printers, street life and convents in Den Bosch and above all, the sculptures in the beautiful Sint Jan’s Cathedral.

On Bosch’s trail

You can also immerse yourself in the spirit of Hieronymus Bosch outside of the exhibition. For example, by visiting the Markt, where Hieronymus’ statue, home and family studio is. Or the Sint Jan’s Cathedral to stand eye to eye with gargoyles. Or to take a cruise on the Binnendieze (from 1st April): the network of canals in the old town centre. The Jheronimus Bosch Art Center is also worth visiting.

Den Bosch is also known for its shopping streets and numerous outdoor cafes. The city has won the title, ‘Most Hospitable City’ (of the Netherlands) four times.
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