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The city of Den Bosch will be celebrating ‘Bosch-year’ 2016 exuberantly. There’s a lot to do in Bosch’s city

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The Bosch exhibition in retrospect

The exhibition 'Jheronimus Bosch - Visions of genius' took place in Het Noordbrabants Museum from 13th February to 8th May. You can read more about this exceptional exhibition on this website. You can also watch a retrospective video here.

Hieronymus Bosch is one of the world’s most famous artists. His characteristic work full of illusions and hallucinations, bizarre monsters and nightmares, depicts the great themes of his time: temptation, sin and judgement. His work was no less popular after his death and inspired innumerable artists to the present day, making Bosch one of the most important artists of the late Middle Ages.
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Jeroen Bosch Jeroen Bosch

Did You know?

Hieronymus Bosch was born as Jheronimus van Aken, the third son of the painter, Anthonis van Aken. His family and friends would have called him Joen or Jeroen. The Van Akens were a leading family of painters in Den Bosch, officially known as ’s-Hertogenbosch. Many of the family members were painters.

Did You know?

Many artists have been inspired by Hieronymus Bosch, including Pieter Bruegel, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Maurits Escher and Jan Fabre.

Pieter Bruegel
Max Ernst
Joan Miró
Maurits Escher
Salvador Dali
Jan Fabre

Bosch in Den Bosch

In 2016, the city of Den Bosch (also known as ’s-Hertogenbosch) will be celebrating exuberantly with the international manifestation, Jheronimus Bosch 500, a cultural event dedicated entirely to the artist, Hieronymus Bosch. The programme contains a range of exceptional dance, theatre and circus productions, concerts and exhibitions with the exhibition in Den Bosch – Hieronymus Bosch’s city – as high point.
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Did You know?

Hieronymus would be able to find his way in the city of Den Bosch, very easily, if he were here today. The layout of the streets has hardly changed and Sint Jan’s Cathedral was already being built when Hieronymus was alive.


“One of the most important exhibitions of our century”

***** The Guardian

“A once-in-a-lifetime show”

The Times

The Hay Wain (detail), 1510-16, Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado, With the special collaboration of The Museo Nacional del Prado.


The exhibition catalogue – richly illustrated – of ‘Jheronimus Bosch – Visioenen van een genie’ is on sale in the Bosch museum shop!


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